Current version: 1.1.7
username/password: vyos/demo

Demonstration: ''sfc-execute'' script is used to execute the entire demo process that includes demo-net creation, demo-router creation, sfc-client and sfc-server virtual machine creation, VIM registration, VyOS-based Firewall VNF deployment, and service function chain deployment. As a result, the traffic from sfc-client to sfc-server goes through VyOS-based Firewall VNF. We can go to console of VNF (user/password: vyos/demo) to monitor the traffic by command: ''monitor interfaces ethernet eth0 traffic''.

The following files need to be modified based on IP address of server. The local.conf file is an example of Devstack environment.

Demostration steps:
1. We must authenticate by submitting the required credentials using the command-line arguments for the OpenStack CLI.
$ . user_nfv
2. Upload VyOS image:
$ . upload-VyOS-image
3. Execute the demo by:
$ . sfc-execute
4. Clean up the environment after executing the demo:
$ . sfc-clean

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[   ]vyos-1.1.7.qcow2018-05-30 23:22 228M
[   ]vyos-1.1.7.qcow.gz2018-05-30 23:24 218M
VyOS is a Linux-based network operating system that provides software-based network routing, firewall, and VPN functionality. This provided image can be used to deploy different types of VNF in OpenStack Tacker.
Citation: Tri-Hai Nguyen, Myungsik Yoo, “A Comprehensive NFV vCPE System with VyOS-based VNF”, 2018 KICS Summer Joint Conference, 20-22 June 2018, Jeju-do, Korea.